1800’s Militaria Nondug

Bullet Mold
$275.00 Cast bullet has approximate base diameter of 11mm.  Possibly German. 
Confederate Reunion Handkerchief
$200.00 1915 Richmond, VA Souvenir.  Very nice condition.  Approximately 16 inches by 17 inches. 
New Jersey Waist Belt Plate & Keeper – SOLD
$85.00 Hagner 1872 Pattern. Approximately 51mm by 92mm with keeper. 
Virginia Buckle
$350.00 Marked THE PETTIBONE BROS. MFG,CO. CIN’TI,O.  Approximately 52mm by 71mm. 
Mills Buckle
$55.00 Sportsman ca. 1881-1885 Buckle. Approximately 80mm by 57mm.
Virginia Sword Belt Plate
$3000.00 Roman numeral benchmark on belt loop.  Still retains gold gilt.  Approximately 50mm by 84mm. 
New York Sword Belt Plate & Keeper
$650.00 Matching Roman numeral benchmark on each belt loop. Still retains silver gilt. Approximately 49mm by 95mm.


Robert W Simmons

1524 Dalton Place

Winchester, VA 22601