Coin Silver

Hugh Wishart Tongs
$225.00 Coin silver approximately 6 inches in length. Kovels list as New York, NY (c. 1784-1819). Listed in Directory of American Military Goods Dealers & Makers by Bazelon & McGuinn as gold & silversmith starting in 1793 and a maker of US Army and Navy buttons c.1805-1815. 
Charles A. Burnett Tongs
$350.00 Southern coin silver. Approximately 6&1/2 inches in length. Kovels list as Georgetown, D.C. & Alexandria, VA (ca. 1785-1849).
T.J. Brown Tongs
$75.00 Approximately 6 inches in length. Well known Baltimore, MD silversmith.


Robert W Simmons

1524 Dalton Place

Winchester, VA 22601