Miscellaneous Antiques

The Paul Revere Portfolio, Works That Changed America
$1200.00 Three images printed from Paul Revere’s original copper plates by Robert Townsend & Katherine Hanlon at R.E.Townsend Studio, Amesbury, Massachusetts in 2005. Set number 154 of 500 contains The Bloody Massacre perpetrated in King Street Boston on March 5th 1770 by a Party of the 29th Regt.; A view of Part of the Town… Continue reading The Paul Revere Portfolio, Works That Changed America
Armscor Squires Bingham Model 20 Magazine
$75.00 Excellent condition. I believe this is a 15 round clip.
Hard Rubber Comb
$125.00 Marked I.R.C.Co GOODYEAR 1851. (India Rubber Comb Company) Approximately 80mm by 100mm.
Victorian Buckle
$125.00 Victorian Buckle. Features letters BDK. Possibly made of silver. Approximately 54mm by 83mm.
Cleveland & Thurman 1888 Political Buckle
$150.00 Grover Cleveland & Allen G. Thurman ran against Benjamin Harrison & Levi Morton in the 1888 Presidential Election. Approximately 58mm by 85mm.
Pine Grove Stove Plate
$1350.00 Approximately 17&3/4 inches by 24&7/8 inches.
Salt Glaze Jar
$150.00 Featuring a dog. There are no chips, cracks, hairlines, etc. Approximately 5&1/4 inches in height.
Flag & Eagle Glass Flask
$40.00 Nice reproduction of a very rare flask. I think this may have been done in the 1930’s. Approximate height 7&1/4 inches.
Basket Weave Glass Flask
$25.00 Very nice condition. Approximate height 6.25 inches. 
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