1800’s Militaria Nondug

Brass Civilian Spur With High Neck
$150.00 Excellent condition. Similar to CV 29 on Page 19 in book AMERICAN SPURS by Howard R. Crouch. Howard writes “It is of high quality and would have been an officer’s item”.
Brass Civilian Spur
$75.00 Excellent condition. I dug an idenical spur in a small Confederate cavalry camp near Winchester, Virginia.
Civil War Carbine Sling Belt Rig
$850.00 Complete sling belt with buckle, batwing and carbine hook. Approximately 2.5 inch width and 53 inch length. Leather is in very nice condition and easily pliable. Has marking which shows in last photo.
Militia Officer Waist Belt Plate Wreath
$1200.00 Enlisted ca. 1826-1834. Similar to Plate 118 on Page 83 and Plate 122 on Page 86 in book AMERICAN MILITARY BELT PLATES by Michael J. O’Donnell & J. Duncan Campbell. Marked with Roman Numeral IX on rear. Has remains of silver gilt. Approximately 50mm by 80mm.
Militia Waist Belt Plate
$275.00 Excellent as found condition. Approximately 53mm by 99mm.
GAR Waist Belt Plate
$75.00 Grand Army Of The Republic Waist Belt Plate. Excellent as found condition. Approximately 48mm by 72mm.
US Model 1816 Bayonet
$95.00 For use on the US Flintlock Musket Model 1816. Has a T Morise and 16 inch blade. Marked US.
US Springfield Model 1842 Lockplate
$95.00 Made by Springfield Armory of Springfield, Massachusetts and dated 1849. The Model 1842 was a .69 Caliber Percussion Musket.
Spencer Carbine Parts
$55.00 Made by Spencer Repeating Rifle Company of Boston, Massachusetts. One of the most colorful, widely used and popular Civil War firearms. Consist of Hammer Screw, Magazine Tube Nut, Block Spring & Extractor.


Robert W Simmons

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