1800’s Militaria Dug

Brass Colonial Spur
$65.00 Possibly from French & Indian War or Revolutionary War. You can clearly see how rowel section is worn down smooth from use after removal. Last Photo is an exert from book HISTORIC AMERICAN SPURS by Howard R. Crouch.
Confederate Brass Scabbard Throat
$95.00 Marked with Roman Numerals.  Indicative of Confederate States Armory of Kenansville, NC.  Approximately 28mm by 47mm.
French Brass Roller Buckle
$25.00 Excavated in Europe and is either Crimean War or Franco-Prussian War.  Approximately 70mm by 25mm.  $25.00
US Model 1876 Prairie Wars Cartridge Belt Buckle
$125.00  Excavated at Fort Keogh, Montana.  Approximately 60mm by 55mm.  
Brunswick Rifle Bullet
$45.00 Brunswick Rifle 2 Groove .69 Caliber Bullet. 
Nathanial Oates (Hampshire County, WV) Kentucky Rifle Brass Side Plate
$100.00 Nathanial Oates was born in Hampshire County, West Virginia in 1824. Excellent condition.  Approximately 4&1/2 inches in length. 
Crimea War British Knapsack Hook
$35.00 Similar to the Civil War variety imported by the Confederates from Great Britain.  Excavated at a Crimean War site.  The Crimean War is known in Russian history as the Eastern War of 1853-1856 where Russia lost to an alliance of France, Britain, the Ottoman Empire, & Sardinia.  Approximate height 50mm.  
Early Crude Garrison Buckle
$20.00 Excavated in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  Approximately 59mm by 55mm. 


Robert W Simmons

1524 Dalton Place

Winchester, VA 22601