1800’s Militaria Dug

Confederate Type Brass Spur – SOLD
$95.00 Dug example. Type excavated from Confederate cavalry camps here in the Shenandoah Valley. Overall length approximately 4&5/8 inches.
Artillery Friction Primer
$25.00 Comes with case. These were used to ignite a cannon. Excavated near Fredericksburg, Virginia.
US Rosette Small Size
$65.00 Brass with lead fill. Excavated near Winchester, Virginia. Approximate diameter 35mm.
US Buckle Hooks
$55.00 Removed from US Buckle in order to eliminate weight. Probably worn by a Confederate soldier. Excavated near Winchester, Virginia.
Confederate Sword Hanger
$55.00 Much heavier than Union hanger. This is type that went with two piece CS buckles. Excavated near Winchester, Virginia.
Excavated Harpers Ferry Lock Plate
$85.00 I believe this is a Model 1816 Conversion. Probably for Confederate use. Dug near Winchester, Virginia. Photos show Eagle & US. Also show some of Harpers Ferry marking and a porton of the date.
Brass Colonial Spur
$65.00 Possibly from French & Indian War or Revolutionary War. You can clearly see how rowel section is worn down smooth from use after removal. Last Photo is an exert from book HISTORIC AMERICAN SPURS by Howard R. Crouch.
Confederate Brass Scabbard Throat
$95.00 Marked with Roman Numerals.  Indicative of Confederate States Armory of Kenansville, NC.  Approximately 28mm by 47mm.
French Brass Roller Buckle
$25.00 Excavated in Europe and is either Crimean War or Franco-Prussian War.  Approximately 70mm by 25mm.  $25.00
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Robert W Simmons

1524 Dalton Place

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