1800's Militaria Dug

Boyle Gamble Sword Pommel
$55.00 Boyle Gamble Sword Pommel. Brass with fairly high copper content.
Boyle Gamble Sword Guard
$95.00 Boyle Gamble Sword Guard. There is a B marking which shows in the fourth photo. Brass with fairly high copper content.
Shoulder Belt Plate – French and Indian War
$120.00 Shoulder Belt Plate. Cast brass with four integral hooks. Similar to Figure 1 on Page 12 of book VIRGINIA MILITARIA OF THE CIVIL WAR by Howard R. Crouch. The one in the book is Identified to a French and Indian War Colonel. Excavated near Winchester, VA. Approximately 52mm by 44mm.


Robert W Simmons

1524 Dalton Place

Winchester, VA 22601