1800's Militaria Nondug

Militia Waist Belt Plate
$275.00 Excellent as found condition. Approximately 53mm by 99mm.
GAR Waist Belt Plate
$75.00 Grand Army Of The Republic Waist Belt Plate. Excellent as found condition. Approximately 48mm by 72mm.
US Springfield Model 1842 Lockplate
$85.00 Made by Springfield Armory of Springfield, Massachusetts and dated 1849. The Model 1842 was a .69 Caliber Percussion Musket.
Spencer Carbine Parts
$55.00 Made by Spencer Repeating Rifle Company of Boston, Massachusetts. One of the most colorful, widely used and popular Civil War firearms. Consist of Hammer Screw, Magazine Tube Nut, Block Spring & Extractor.
Hard Rubber Syringe
$85.00 Marked THE I.R. COMB CO GOODYEAR 1851. I.R. stood for India Rubber. There is a hairling on one side which shows in third photo. Still a very solid and well marked hard rubber item. Approximate length closed 6.25 inches.
Large Break Away Stirrups
$175.00 Break away stirrup pair. One of the pressing fears of most cavalry troops was to be dragged to death by getting their foot caught in their stirrups. Nice condition. Approximate height 5.75 inches.
Civil War Brass Tourniquet
$275.00 Unmarked so most likely US manufacture. Excellent condition. Used for stopping the flow of blood through a vein or artery during amputations.
1874 Palmer Waist Belt Plate
$110.00 1874 Pattern Palmer Brace System waist belt plate. Infantry enlisted ca. 1874-1876. Identical to Plate 927 on Page 549 in book AMERICAN MILITARY BELT PLATES by Michael J. O'Donnell & J. Duncan Campbell. Approximately 55mm by 83mm.
British Victorian Officer’s Belt Plate
$225.00 Gilted cast brass with applied center having silver lion over crown attached. Both pieces benchmarked 6. Approximately 49mm by 85mm.


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