1800’s Militaria Dug

Nathanial Oates (Hampshire County, WV) Kentucky Rifle Brass Side Plate
$100.00 Nathanial Oates was born in Hampshire County, West Virginia in 1824. Excellent condition.  Approximately 4&1/2 inches in length. 
Crimea War British Knapsack Hook
$35.00 Similar to the Civil War variety imported by the Confederates from Great Britain.  Excavated at a Crimean War site.  The Crimean War is known in Russian history as the Eastern War of 1853-1856 where Russia lost to an alliance of France, Britain, the Ottoman Empire, & Sardinia.  Approximate height 50mm.  
Early Crude Garrison Buckle
$20.00 Excavated in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  Approximately 59mm by 55mm. 


Robert W Simmons

1524 Dalton Place

Winchester, VA 22601