1900's Militaria

German WW1 Iron Cross 1st Class
$250.00 Magnetic Core three part construction with silver frames. Pin and hook in good working order. Marked KO (Konigliches Munzamt Order of Berlin). Excellent condition.
MG34/42 M41 Ammo Case
$110.00 Originally developed for use with the MG34. Held up to 300 rounds of 7.92 ammunition. Adopted for use with MG42 upon its introduction. Approximately  14.25 by 6.75 by 3.25 inches.
WW2 Italian Hat Insignia
$90.00 Italian crown hat badge insignia. Stamped from white metal. Overall length approximately 3.25 inches.  


Robert W Simmons

1524 Dalton Place

Winchester, VA 22601