1900’s Militaria

German WW1 Era Ring
$125.00 Patriotic Silver ring featuring the Imperial German Flag colors along with an Iron Cross. Marked inside with 80. I am thinking this is 800 silver.  
WW1 Era U Boat Badge
$225.00  Approximately 43mm by 45mm.  Stamped Brass
Prussian WW1 Era Drum Holder
$45.00 Solid brass. Features Prussian eagle with crown. Excellent condition. Approximate height 73mm. 
Prussian WW1 Era Buckle
$110.00 50mm enlisted ranks buckle in brass with silver inset.  ca. 1847-1895.  
Hessen WW1 Era Buckle
$275.00 45mm enlisted ranks buckle in steel.  ca. 1895-1900. 
German WW2 Officers Buckle
$25.00 WW2 German Officer’s belt buckle. Used by HJ, DAF, NSKK, NSDAP-PL, and SA. Zinc alloy with matte gold finish. For use with 45mm belt.  Marked RZM M5/71.  
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Robert W Simmons

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