1900’s Militaria

Slovakian Army WW2 Belt Buckle
$155.00 Enlisted ranks Slovakian army buckle in brass with MINCOVNA KRL YNICA maker marking. Excellent condition. Approximatey 48mm by 65mm.
Austro Hungarian WW1 Wound Medal
$60.00 Excellent condition with original ribbon. Approximatey disc diameter 37mm.
Austro Hungarian WW1 Bravery Medal
$60.00 Excellent condition with original ribbon. Approximatey disc diameter 30mm.
Japanese WW2 Navy Buckle
$75.00 Enlisted ranks Japanese WW2 belt buckle. Excellent condition. Approximatey 33mm by 32mm.
Nickel Wreath
$55.00 Cast nickel wreath for two piece buckle. Not sure of origin but believe WW2 or earlier. Excellent condition. Outer belt loop height approximately 48mm.
Japanese WW2 Era Or Before Belt Buckle
$95.00 Cast brass two piece buckle. I am thinking Japanese WW2 but possibly otherwise. Excellent condition. Approximatey 50mm by 89mm.
Pre WW2 Shako Hat Plate
$55.00 Features 12 point star with attached inset of rampant lion in shield. Stamed brass with silver gilt. Probably for Police or Fire Department Shako Hat. Excellent condition. Approximate overall diameter from point to point is 59mm.
Prussian WW1 Era Drum Holder
$95.00 Very large size. Solid brass with leather Hanger. Features Prussian eagle with crown. Excellent condition. Approximate overall height is 8.5 inches.
German WW2 Civil Air Defense Honor Decoration – 1st Class
$650.00 Instituted by Adolph Hitler on January 30th, 1938. For German personnel serving in the Civil Air Defense of Germany. Fairly heavy. I believe this is brass or bronze with gold gilt.
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