1900's Militaria

German WW2 Civil Air Defense Honor Decoration – 1st Class
$650.00 Instituted by Adolph Hitler on January 30th, 1938. For German personnel serving in the Civil Air Defense of Germany. Fairly heavy. I believe this is brass or bronze with gold gilt.
MG34/42 M41 Ammo Case
$110.00 Originally developed for use with the MG34. Held up to 300 rounds of 7.92 ammunition. Adopted for use with MG42 upon its introduction. Approximately  14.25 by 6.75 by 3.25 inches.
German WW1 Era Ring
$210.00 Silver ring featuring the Imperial German flag. Marked inside with 80. I am thinking this is 800 silver.  


Robert W Simmons

1524 Dalton Place

Winchester, VA 22601