Confederate Sword Bayonet or possible "Pole Arm" thought to have been made by the same company that produced the "Potts" knife.  $1850.00  

Confederate Re-blade of a P. S. Justice Sword Bayonet Handle.  Marked with Roman Numeral XIII.  Blade is very thick and heavy.  Approximate blade length 21.5 inches.  $800.00

Winchester Model 1873 or Winchester Model 1876 Sword Bayonet.  Approximate blade length 20 inches.  $600.00

Wooden Scabbard portion with Japanese writing.  $90.00

New "Stag Handled" Diefenthal Knife & Sheath.  $175.00

Marble's Woodcraft Stacked Leather & Aluminum #72211010.  New old stock in original box.  $195.00