Miscellaneous Antiques

Miniature Pipe made from Hard Rubber.  Marked BOB'ER.  $30.00

1896 presidential campaign William McKinley "Gold Bug" pin. Stamped brass with gold plating. Approximately 51mm by 62mm. $45.00
The presidential candidates were William McKinley and William Bryan.  Mckinley supporters wanted to remain on the gold standard. Democrat Bryan wanted the United States to use silver to back the dollar at a value that would inflate the prices farmers received for their crops, easing their debt burden. This position was known as the Free Silver Movement.

Very Nice FA & Co Cannon Flask.  Approximately 7&5/8 inches in height.  $150.00

Nice reproduction of a very rare flask featuring Flag on one side and Eagle on the other.  I think this may have been done in the 1930's.  Approximately 7&1/4 inches in height.  $40.00

GOODYEARS PAT. 1865 IND. RUBBER COMB CO. Hard Rubber Flask.  Approximately 7 inches in height.  $110.00

Game Hen "Whimsy" made of sewer tile.  Probably of Ohio origin.  Approximate height to the top of head is 3 inches.  Excellent condition.  $55.00

Stoneware Pitcher with a reddish brown glaze.  Approximately 7&1/2 inches in height.  I think this may have been made in Hagerstown, MD.  $35.00

Salt glaze jar featuring a dog. There are no chips, cracks, hairlines, etc. Approximately 5&1/4 inches in height. $125.00

Maker J. Eberly of Strasburg, Virginia. Redware Umbrella Stand. Approximately 20&1/2 inches in height.  $750.00

Pine Grove Stove Plate. Approximately 17&3/4 inches by 24&7/8 inches. $1350.00