Miscellaneous Antiques

Miniature Pipe made from Hard Rubber.  Marked BOB'ER.  $30.00

Sportsman Coat Button.  Backmark *GEO. FLOYD & CO * EXTRA.  Approximately 25mm diameter.  $20.00

Sportsman Coat Button.  Backmark J&J EAVES WOLCOTTVILLE.  Approximately 27mm diameter.  $20.00

Sportsman Coat Button.  Backmark HAMMOND TURNER & SONS.  Approximately 27mm diameter.  $20.00

Goodyear 1851 Patent "Hard Rubber" Button.  Approximately 25mm diameter.  $15.00

Goodyear 1851 Patent "Hard Rubber" Button.  Approximately 29mm diameter.  $15.00

Sportsman Coat Button.  Approximately 23mm diameter.  $10.00

Very Nice FA & Co Cannon Flask.  Approximately 7&5/8 inches in height.  $150.00

Nice reproduction of a very rare flask featuring Flag on one side and Eagle on the other.  I think this may have been done in the 1930's.  Approximately 7&1/4 inches in height.  $40.00

GOODYEARS PAT. 1865 IND. RUBBER COMB CO. Hard Rubber Flask.  Approximately 7 inches in height.  $110.00  Sale Pending

Stoneware Pitcher with a reddish brown glaze.  Approximately 7&1/2 inches in height.  I think this may have been made in Hagerstown, MD.  $35.00

Salt glaze jar featuring a dog. There are no chips, cracks, hairlines, etc. Approximately 5&1/4 inches in height. $125.00

Maker J. Eberly of Strasburg, Virginia. Redware Umbrella Stand. Approximately 20&1/2 inches in height.  $750.00

Pine Grove Stove Plate. Approximately 17&3/4 inches by 24&7/8 inches. $1350.00