1800's Militaria Nondug

New York Sword Belt Plate & Keeper.  Matching Roman numeral benchmark on each belt loop.  Still retains silver gilt.  Approximately 49mm by 95mm.  $700.00

Virginia Sword Belt Plate.  Roman numeral benchmark on belt loop.  Still retains gold gilt.  Approximately 50mm by 84mm.$3000.00

Militia Panel Plate of stamped brass.  Approximately 56mm by 85mm.  $225.00

Eagle Plate of stamped brass made very similar to the above Panel Plate.  I believe this could be a pre Civil War or a Civil War item due to its use of a narrow tongue.  Approximately 51mm by 75mm.  $150.00

CS Two Piece Buckle Wreath.  Belt loop height approximately 49mm.  Wreath height approximately 50mm.  $575.00

Carbine Sling Buckle & white buff leather Belt.  Belt was cut down to be worn around the waist.  Buckle approximately 54mm by 85mm.  Belt length approximately 35 inches.  $225.00

USA entwined Bridal Rosette.  There is some indication that these were used by artillery units.  Approximate diameter is 49mm.  $135.00

Savage Revolver .36 Caliber Bullet Mold.  $395.00

Wreath to two piece Belt Plate.  Still retains silver gilt.  Approximate belt loop height 51mm.  For approximate disc diameter of  33mm.  $325.00

Hagner 1872 Pattern "National Guard of Pennsylvania" Waist Belt Plate.  Approximately 55mm by 85mm.  $95.00

Hagner 1872 Pattern "Minnesota" Waist Belt Plate.  Approximately 55mm by 85mm.  $550.00

GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) Waist Belt Plate.  Approximately 46mm by 81mm.  $75.00

Indian War Eagle Belt Buckle.  Approximately 50mm by 74mm.  $75.00

Eagle Plate of stamped brass.   Probably a sash buckle.  I believe this could be a pre Civil War or a Civil War item due to its use of a narrow tongue.  Approximately 50mm by 75mm.  $95.00

Eagle Militia Plate.  Identical to Fig 225 on Pg 231 of book PLATES & BUCKLES of the AMERICAN MILITARY by Sydney C. Kerksis.  Approx. 44mm by 75mm.  $40.00   

Militia Plate of gilted sheet brass with attached tiger head.  I dug an identical plate in a Confederate camp near Berryville, Virginia.  Approximately 58mm by 44mm.  $115.00

Panel Plate of stamped sheet iron.  The C&S stands for Grover Cleveland and Adlai Stevenson who ran for President and Vice-President in 1892.  I am not sure what the eagle is about but the solder used for attachment looks to be the same age as that used to attach the tongue and bar.  Approximately 58mm by 85mm.  $125.00

Liberty Head Button.  No backmark.  Approximately 15mm diameter.  $10.00

Flower Button.  Backmark W.G. MINTZER PHILD.  Approximately 23mm diameter.  $15.00

Confederate Reunion 1915 Richmond, VA Souvenir Handkerchief.  Very nice condition.  Approximately 16 inches by 17 inches.  $200.00

Mills "Sportsman" ca. 1881-1885 Buckle. Approximately 80mm by 57mm. $55.00

Buckle with Lion or Tiger head.  Most certainly of British manufacture.  Possible blockade buckle.  Approximately 52mm by 76mm.  $295.00 

Soldiers Trunk approximately 28" by 17" by 12".  SGT. MAJOR TYLER on top and SGT. F. TYLER. 1ST. BN. CM. GDS.  on front.  From an old home near Martinsburg, WV.  $850.00

Large brass plaque of who I believe is General McClellan .  This was probably in a GAR Hall at one time.  Approximate height 11.75 inches.  $175.00