1800's Militaria Nondug

Eagle Sword Belt Plate with applied silver wreath.  Benchmark #934 on back.  Approximately 55mm by 90mm.  $225.00

Eagle Sword Belt Plate with cast wreath and gold gilt.  From an old home near Antietam, Maryland.  Approximately 49mm by 82mm.  $225.00

Virginia Sword Belt Plate.  Roman numeral benchmark on belt loop.  Still retains gold wash.  Approximately 50mm by 84mm.$3000.00

Militia stamped brass Panel Plate.  Still retains gold gilt on front.  Approximately 57mm by 85mm.  $250.00

Wreath to two piece Belt Plate.  Still retains silver gilt.  Approximate belt loop height 51mm.  For approximate disc diameter of  33mm.  $325.00

Virginia Waist Belt Plate.  Same as Figure 55 on Page 61 of book VIRGINIA MILITARIA OF THE CIVIL WAR. by Howard R. Crouch.  While this is a post Civil War buckle it is much rarer than the pre Civil War stamped brass varieties.  Approximately 50mm by 70mm.  $575.00

Hagner 1872 Pattern "Minnesota" Waist Belt Plate.  Approximately 55mm by 85mm.  $550.00

Hagner 1872 Pattern "National Guard of Pennsylvania" Waist Belt Plate.  Approximately 55mm by 85mm.  $85.00

Liberty Head Button.  No backmark.  Approximately 15mm diameter.  $10.00

Flower Button.  Backmark W.G. MINTZER PHILD.  Approximately 23mm diameter.  $15.00

United States Navy Civil War period "Hard Rubber" Coat Button.  Diameter approximately 34mm.  $75.00

C.S.M.A. stands for Confederate Southern Memorial Association.  Rarely seen back paper by New Orleans maker J. Earl Rogers.  Issued in conjunction with the May 15-16 26th reunion of the United Confederate Veterans.  Mint condition.  Approximate diameter 23mm.  From an old home near Winchester, Virginia. 

Mills "Sportsman" ca. 1881-1885 Buckle. Approximately 80mm by 57mm. $55.00

Second Republic (1848-1852) French Buckle & Sash.  Marked EDL on rear tongue.  Approximately 60mm by 57mm.  $175.00

Second Republic (1848-1852) French Buckle marked 3VL on rear tongue.  Approximately 60mm by 57mm.  $175.00

French Buckle Part.  Other half had connecting Snake.  Belt loop height approximately 52mm.  $65.00

Buckle with Lion or Tiger head.  I think this is British.  Approximately 52mm by 76mm.  $95.00

Bull Headed Two Piece Buckle with connecting Snake.  Approximately 45mm by 125mm.  $75.00  Sold

Souvenir Medal.  1898 CAMP GEO. H. THOMAS CHICKAMAUGA PARK GEORGIA.  Approximately 55mm by 40mm.  $35.00  

Identified in book titled CIVIL WAR ARTIFACTS A GUIDE FOR THE HISTORIAN by Howard R. Crouch on Page 136 as being #2.  Solid cast brass and finished like many of the Richmond Arsenal products, this rare specimen may have been a Confederate Officer's item.   This item cane from an old home near Stephenson's Depot.  Approximate height is 121mm.  $110.00

Nice pair of Civil War period or earlier Iron Stirrups.  Approximate height is 4.5 inches.  $110.00

William Alexander Harris (Kansas) signature on a 2&1/4 by 3&7/8 inch card.  William Harris was born in Loudoun County, Virginia and graduated from Virginia Military Institute in 1861.  He served with several Confederate units during the Civil War and deserted after Gettysburg.  He later worked for the Union Pacific Railroad in Kansas and was the only Confederate veteran ever elected to a substantial political office in Kansas.  If you google his name you will find a complete history of his life along with a photograph.  $35.00   

Union Civil War Coat.  Eagle buttons have Scovill "raised in channel" back mark.  As found from an old home near Edinburg, Virginia.  $1250.00  Sale Pending

Mexican War era United States Navy Coat belonging to Captain Carpenter.   Navy buttons have Scovill "raised in channel" back mark.  From an old home near McLean, Virginia.  $5000.00

Soldiers Trunk approximately 28" by 17" by 12".  SGT. MAJOR TYLER on top and SGT. F. TYLER. 1ST. BN. CM. GDS.  on front.  From an old home near Martinsburg, WV.  $850.00