1800's Militaria Nondug

New York Sword Belt Plate & Keeper.  Matching Roman numeral benchmark on each belt loop.  Still retains silver gilt.  Approximately 49mm by 95mm.  $650.00

Virginia Sword Belt Plate.  Roman numeral benchmark on belt loop.  Still retains gold gilt.  Approximately 50mm by 84mm.  $3000.00

Sword Belt Plate, Regulation 1851 Pattern, Officer, ca. 1863-1865.  Identical to Plate 657 on Page 396 in book titled AMERICAN MILITARY BELT PLATES by Michael J. O'Donnell & J. Duncan Campbell.  Approximately 52mm by 86mm.  $175.00

Carbine Sling Buckle & white buff leather Belt.  Belt was cut down to be worn around the waist.  Sold

Colonial Brass Spur.  U opening approximately 3 inches.  $150.00

Savage Revolver .36 Caliber Bullet Mold.  $395.00

Wreath to two piece Belt Plate.  Still retains silver gilt.  Approximate belt loop height 51mm.  For approximate disc diameter of  33mm.  $325.00

Militia Panel Plate stamped from sheet brass.  Approximately 57mm by 84mm.  $150.00

Eagle Buckle of stamped gold gilted brass with narrow tongue made similar to pre Civil War Panel Plates.  Probably worn with a sash.  Approximately 50mm by 75mm.  $75.00

Hagner 1872 Pattern "New Jersey" Waist Belt Plate.  Approximately 51mm by 92mm with keeper.  $110.00

Hagner 1872 Pattern "National Guard of Pennsylvania" Waist Belt Plate.  Approximately 55mm by 85mm.  $95.00

Hagner 1872 Pattern "Minnesota" Waist Belt Plate.  Approximately 55mm by 85mm.  $550.00

Militia Plate of gilted sheet brass with attached tiger head.  I dug an identical plate in a Confederate camp near Berryville, Virginia.  Approximately 58mm by 44mm.  $95.00

Liberty Head Button.  No backmark.  Approximately 15mm diameter.  $10.00

Flower Button.  Backmark W.G. MINTZER PHILD.  Approximately 23mm diameter.  $15.00

Confederate Reunion 1915 Richmond, VA Souvenir Handkerchief.  Very nice condition.  Approximately 16 inches by 17 inches.  $200.00

Mills "Sportsman" ca. 1881-1885 Buckle. Approximately 80mm by 57mm. $55.00

Confederate Civil War Holster for 6 inch barreled revolver.  Typical Confederate manufacturing technique with cut-out for belt attachment.  Shows lots of wear from use.  This came from an old home near Woodstock, Virginia here in the Shenandoah Valley.  This area was a hotbed for both Confederate Partisan and Confederate Cavalry activity.  $800.00  

Soldiers Trunk approximately 28" by 17" by 12".  SGT. MAJOR TYLER on top and SGT. F. TYLER. 1ST. BN. CM. GDS.  on front.  From an old home near Martinsburg, WV.  $850.00

Large brass plaque of who I believe is General McClellan .  This was probably in a GAR Hall at one time.  Approximate height 11.75 inches.  $175.00