1800's Militaria Nondug

Eagle Sword Belt Plate with applied silver wreath.  Benchmark #934 on back.  Approximately 55mm by 90mm.  $225.00

Eagle Sword Belt Plate with cast wreath and gold gilt.  From an old home near Antietam, Maryland.  Approximately 49mm by 82mm.  $225.00

Virginia Sword Belt Plate.  Roman numeral benchmark on belt loop.  Still retains gold wash.  Approximately 50mm by 84mm.$3000.00

Militia stamped brass Panel Plate.  Still retains gold gilt on front.  Approximately 57mm by 85mm.  $250.00

Wreath to two piece Belt Plate.  Still retains silver gilt.  Approximate belt loop height 51mm.  For approximate disc diameter of  33mm.  $325.00

Virginia Waist Belt Plate.  Same as Figure 55 on Page 61 of book VIRGINIA MILITARIA OF THE CIVIL WAR. by Howard R. Crouch.  While this is a post Civil War buckle it is much rarer than the pre Civil War stamped brass varieties.  Approximately 50mm by 70mm.  $575.00

Hagner 1872 Pattern "Minnesota" Waist Belt Plate.  Approximately 55mm by 85mm.  $550.00

Hagner 1872 Pattern "National Guard of Pennsylvania" Waist Belt Plate.  Approximately 55mm by 85mm.  $85.00

Liberty Head Button.  No backmark.  Approximately 15mm diameter.  $10.00

Flower Button.  Backmark W.G. MINTZER PHILD.  Approximately 23mm diameter.  $15.00

United States Navy Civil War period "Hard Rubber" Coat Button.  Diameter approximately 34mm.  $75.00

C.S.M.A. stands for Confederate Southern Memorial Association.  Rarely seen back paper by New Orleans maker J. Earl Rogers.  Issued in conjunction with the May 15-16 26th reunion of the United Confederate Veterans.  Mint condition.  Approximate diameter 23mm.  From an old home near Winchester, Virginia.  $55.00

Mills "Sportsman" ca. 1881-1885 Buckle. Approximately 80mm by 57mm. $55.00

Second Republic (1848-1852) French Buckle & Sash.  Marked EDL on rear tongue.  Approximately 60mm by 57mm.  $175.00

Second Republic (1848-1852) French Buckle marked 3VL on rear tongue.  Approximately 60mm by 57mm.  $175.00

French Buckle Part.  Other half had connecting Snake.  Belt loop height approximately 52mm.  $65.00

Buckle with Lion or Tiger head.  I think this is British.  Approximately 52mm by 76mm.  $95.00

Souvenir Medal.  1898 CAMP GEO. H. THOMAS CHICKAMAUGA PARK GEORGIA.  Approximately 55mm by 40mm.  $35.00  

Identified in book titled CIVIL WAR ARTIFACTS A GUIDE FOR THE HISTORIAN by Howard R. Crouch on Page 136 as being #2.  Solid cast brass and finished like many of the Richmond Arsenal products, this rare specimen may have been a Confederate Officer's item.   This item cane from an old home near Stephenson's Depot.  Approximate height is 121mm.  $110.00

Nice pair of Civil War period or earlier Iron Stirrups.  Approximate height is 4.5 inches.  $110.00

Mexican War era United States Navy Coat belonging to Captain Carpenter.   Navy buttons have Scovill "raised in channel" back mark.  From an old home near McLean, Virginia.  $5000.00

Soldiers Trunk approximately 28" by 17" by 12".  SGT. MAJOR TYLER on top and SGT. F. TYLER. 1ST. BN. CM. GDS.  on front.  From an old home near Martinsburg, WV.  $850.00